Year Judge Judge Judge Bulldog of the Year Best of Opposite Sex
Mr. Chris Thomas
Mr. Chris Bruton
Ms. Liz Cartledge
Eng Ch Sealaville He's the Duke
Eng Ch Melafella Jules Rimet
Mrs. Perkins
Mr. David McHale
Mr Les Thorpe
Eng Ch Britishpride Cavalli
Eng Ch Merriveen Touch of Frost
Mrs. B Banbury
Mrs Shelia Cartwright
Mr Les Lund
Mrs P Dellar
Mrs Y Franklyn
Mr G Williams
Mrs. Terry Brunton
Miss Susan Jay
Miss Vicki Roach
Maureen Mortham
Fred Higginbottom
Susan Rowe
Mr. D McHale
Mr N Pitts
Mr T Davison
Mrs S. Alcock
Mr L Lund
Mr G Nichols
1996 Mrs P Dellar Mrs C Newman Mr G Evans Eng Ch Ocobo Tully Eng Ch Isgraig Bella Vega
1995 Ms P Meredith Mrs V Williams Mr B Cartwright Eng Ch Outdoors Country Gent Kentee Kizzy at Outdoors
1994 Ms D Thorpe Mr B Haydock Mr N Morgan Eng Ch Ocobo Tully Eng Ch Kelloe White Glove
1993 Mrs P Perkins Mr J Adams Mr L Thorpe Eng Ch Brampton Red Joshua Eng Ch Kelloe White Glove
1992 Mrs A PItts Mrs Spickernell Mr A Rowe Eng Ch Willsmere Solid Silver Eng Ch Bramor Tailor Maid
1991 Ms G Biddle Mr B Wain Ms A van den Heuval Eng Ch Willsmere Solid Silver Eng Ch Tretun Miss Matilda
1990 Mrs C Newman Mr T Horner Mr J Story Eng Ch Audstan Svengali Eng Ch Merriveen Magnolia
1989 Mrs Wearmouth Mr C Thomas Mrs May Eng Ch Storming Passion at Ocobo Eng Ch Merriveen Magnolia
1988 Mr Parker Mr Walsh Mr Davies Eng Ch Willsmere Solid Silver
1987 Eng Ch Willsmere Solid Silver
1986 Bullzaye Sandy Mcnab
1985 Eng Ch Merriveen Halcyon Daze
1984 Eng Ch Tyegarth Jacob of Kelloe
1983 Eng Ch Stockbull Big Ben
1982 Eng Ch Weltor Jack of Diamonds of Jorona
1981 Eng Ch Merriveen Maybe Baby
1980 Eng Ch Eskadee Baggage
1979 Eng Ch Outdoors Jubi Junior
1978 Eng Ch Outdoors Jubilant
1977 Eng Ch Bellum Premiere

Bulldog of the Year
Mrs. M Story, Secretary (July, 1992)

"I have been asked to explain the Bulldog of the Year points scheme and why all the points are not published, and also how the judges are selected.

The Judges are all Championship Show Judges and we do try to pick experienced people. Because so many these days are also exhibitors they are very often engaged in tacking part in the Competition anyway, which makes things rather difficult in some years, especially as we also try to avoid -- although it is not always possible -- judges who have officiated during the previous year. Selection is left to the last possible moment to enable the best available to take part.

Each dog is awarded points -- 100, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and the remaining 10 apiece. All three sets of numbers are totalled for each dog and the winner obviously is the one with top score.

This is the method as set up by Mr. Edmonds and Mr. Oppenheimer of the Kennel Club seventeen years ago and which has worked perfectly ever since. The rules require 4 placings and this is compiled with, but in the future the adjudicators will publish the total number of points gained by these 4 dogs only.

The Committee of the Bulldog Club Inc. INVITE these dogs to take part -- there is no automatic entry and no paid entry. They are our guests and as such we want them to enjoy their day and the experience of taking part in one of the most important events of the year. How much nicer it is for them to go home thinking, "I may have been fifth," instead of knowing they were last!!

Neither judges nor exhibitors feel under any pressure and the sole aim is to provide a spectacle of the highest level of the best dogs in the country for the enjoyment of the audience which comes from all over the world and from all interested in dogs, not only Bulldogs.

All those taking part are CC winners and all potential winners of the title Bulldog of the Year -- we hope they will continue to enjoy taking part."

We believe that only eight? dogs are invited to participate in this prestigious event each year.

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